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What is Language Delay Network all about?

An information source and network on

Language and Speech Delay,
Language Disorders,
Learning Disabilities and
Auditory Processing Disorders in Children.

 Every child deserves to be able to communicate and learn
to the best of their ability.


“Sandra is a parent expert on venturing through the education minefield in terms of identifying appropriate schooling (knowing what sort of programs to be looking for), adapting learning strategies for personal use and has a well rounded knowledge base of the roles of different professionals.

She knows what questions need to be asked when seeking services or schooling and the importance of linking services to form a team in supporting children.

Sandra’s initiation of the Language Delay Network is wonderful to help parents connect and learn about their children who experience language delays and disorders.”
Liz Murray
Communicate It Speech Pathology
November 22, 2011




My web pages will link:

  • To language and speech delay information in children – so you can feel more informed
  • Early intervention, pre-school and primary education info – feel more confident and empowered working through the school years
  • To specialists, speech pathologists/therapists and other
  • General discussion on my personal journey on the ‘not very spoken about’ disability/disorder.

Take a look around and subscribe to this site.

My overall plan is to make this a one stop – language delay network shop – no more running lots of searches in Google or going to foreign websites or forums or finding information that’s years out of date.

Let’s get local and spread the word!

Share your stories or information you may have found and speak to parents who understand and know where you are coming from – EMAIL your stories to be posted to:  sandra@languagedelaynetwork.com.

Please comment on posts and let me know if there is something you particularly want to know.

My son is 12 years old and has a Severe Language Delay/Disorder and more recently diagnosed with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).  Both his expressive and receptive language is very poor for his age.  He does struggle with English and Maths but there are so many other ways we can help him and he will learn.

It’s a journey . . . and it doesn’t have to be so alone.

Cheers and look forward to your company,

Language Delay Network

Kids speech matters!




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