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What is Speech Pathology? Modeling the correct language for your child.

What is Speech Pathology?  Modeling the correct language for your child.

Back to some real basics today but I know when we first were referred to a Speech Pathologist for my son I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  It may sound naive but I thought we’d go for a session/treatment and things would get better in that session.

Speech Sessions
A speech session is really about identifying what area’s your child may need additional assistance in and then working on specific programs to target that area.  Dependent on the child’s ability or age these programs are usually very visual and games based.

Being games based really helps with taking the ‘homework’ back to your place and being able to work on the specific goals the Speech Pathologist will want to target.

Speech Homework
Expect Homework to be a big part of the process with Speech and Language therapy. I have learnt very quickly that the more you do at home the better it is for them.

With my son in particular we have probably worked for the last two years on key concepts of  behind, next to, in front of, under, in between etc.  Before and after are another real key area and are not helping his maths.  We use this in games in real life examples ie. cooking, card games all sorts of different ways to assist in modeling the correct use, but in a more visual way with concrete examples he can see, which helps him learn – or is his preferred way to learn.  We have even used signing to assist at times when he was smaller.

Also a key area for language and speech delayed children is correct modeling.  So an example is my son my say ‘We getted to the movies last year’.  What he may mean is ‘We went to the movies  last week’.    So when he  has finished his sentence I will re-model the correct sentence ie. Yes that’s right we went to the movies yesterday.

Modeling is so important as I find it has really helped when in a group setting other people are looking at him unsure of what that sentence was really saying.  By you modeling and supporting the correct sentence structure it helps them out of a a possible uncomfortable situation and also assists with the correct sentence structure.

More information on Speech Pathology
I will post some more information orientated notes on everything to do with Speech Pathology and those ‘wonderful’ people called Speech Therapists in the coming week in my recommended reading and e-bookshop.

If you are in the early days of Speech Therapy.  Please read them so you are sure you are getting quality advice  – it’s invaluable reading.

Happy Easter Monday.


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