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Speech Milestones in Children

Speech Milestones in Children

It is very normal as a mother, well I think, to worry and fret and possibly compare what our children are doing with other children – especially when it comes to first teeth, walking, crawling and of course talking. Reality is every child is so different but I know with my son, he did seem to reach those typical speech milestones but from two and a half years he just gabbled and it was very obvious he didn’t understand instructions. He often repeated the words back to you so if you asked him a basic question he just repeated. For example: What’s your name? He’s just repeat what’s your name?

Learning to speak and listen and what we as Mothers, Carers or Guardians need to expect in the first five years I have outlined below. But of course if you ever have any doubts always go to a GP, Maternal Health nurse or Pediatrician and then they can direct you to a a Speech Pathologist or other Specialist if required. Please note that you don’t have to have a referral to see a Speech Pathologist.  I was uncertain and knew there were things that weren’t right.  My GP kept me on ‘hold’ for awhile.  I could have had my sons language assessed and gone to a Speech Pathologist direct.  To find a Speech Pathologist be sure they are registered with Speech Pathology Australia.

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