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Parents sharing their strategies – New topic at Language Delay Network launching this week!

Wendy and her daughter, who has APD use music to help remember sight words at school.

As I am so busy with work and well getting my e-books launched and wanting to offer so much more on Language Delay Network but well just need to clone myself.  I thought in the short term I would offer parents who have some successful strategies share them on the site.  You will be able to comment on the stories below so go for it!

If you have your own story send them in to: sandra@lanaguagedelaynetwork.com.

Thanks and here is our first blog today from a Mum in Queensland Australia who responded to my shout out a few weeks ago.  Thanks Wendy.

If you have any resources or advice in regards to Wendy’s story – please comment to the post and I’ll be sure to post them as well.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and guys Kids Speech Matters.  Let’s share our positive stories.  It’s tough and difficult for them but we just need to think outside the square and ensure our little people can grow into the successful adults in life they are meant to be 😉


Wendy’s story – September, 2012

Our 6yo girl had a speech and language delay (not really now after 4 and a half years of speech pathology) and has now been diagnosed with CAPD – Auditory Processing Disorder.

Before we even knew CAPD existed I was lucky enough to stumble on watching a documentary called “The Music Instinct: Science and Song”.  It is a really great documentary with Bobby McFerrin and Daniel Levitin a Neuroscientist.  One of the sub stories was of people who had suffered a brain injury like a stoke.  They said that different parts of the brain decode music and speech and they were using this to rehabilitate patients with success to relearn speech. 

I have always used song to try and encourage the kids with tasks, or if they were acting out to bring laughter to the situation, so this rang a chord with me.  From this point on I began using music with more purpose.

When my little girl started school this year I used music and singing to successfully help her learn sight words and then went on to our phone number, things that she had really struggled with at the start of the year.

I’m not sure this is a new thing, as the documentary points out people all over the world use music and songs as a natural part of life and learning, but I haven’t found anything about using it to help kids learning with CAPD (I also haven’t done much reading yet either).

Hope this helps and I would appreciate any advice if this is old hat and there are resources I could access.

Wedeena V.  Mackay Queensland


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