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Modelling language at home to help your childs language skills

Modelling language at home to help your child’s language skills

Father and son doing homeworkI read an article this week which I referred to on the Language Delay Network facebook page forwarded from Kids Language Resources.  It reminded me of the early days of speech pathology and some of the games and innovations our speech pathologist Elizabeth shared with my son to help him and us think more ‘outside’ the normal speech games and homework to assist him with building his language skills.

When he as around 5-6 we made popcorn over a 2-3 sessions when we went to visit.   She photographed the process of he and I making the popcorn and the specific stages.  We would talk about stirring, pouring, tipping and eating etc as we went through the process.

She then created a picture book with the photos and we could then use the ‘fun experience’ to talk about the use of the verb’s again and again.  Of course this stimulated other ideas for me at home to incorporate in cooking or shopping with him.

So an easy exercise you can use all the time.  I don’t’ think, and my son is 9 we ever stop modelling but the visuals are gone.  It’s more repeating the sentence correctly or just reinforcing his language if he gets stuck/confused. We tend to draw more now then refer to pictures but whatever works!

I do find to explain a situation like a school camp he recently went on – by getting out the photo’s to help him ‘tell the story’ it stimulated his speech and the conversation as opposed to just trying to tell someone about the time at camp. It is much easier for him to have the visual ie. photo’s there to prompt conversation.

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