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Memory problems and word retrieval problems

Memory problems and word retrieval problems

Five young friends running outdoors smilingSomething I read today on the Auditory processing disorder (APD) forum run by Maxine Young in the USA.  Maxine is an Audiologist and Speech Pathologist and very informed and an expert in the Auditory processing disorder and speech and or language delay difficulties in children.

A new website to check out if this effects your children or you may teach children who appear to have this problem:

Post said . . . . .

It would be important to determine if your child has word retrieval problems as this can wreak havoc with children’s ability to retrieve the math tables they may have already learned. For these children, flash cards may not be the method of choice.

See the following website:

www.wordfinding. com for excellent information on this problem and ways of improving it and helping a child who has this disorder that also impacts oral language and reading.

Maxine Young, AuD

Maxine Young, AuD, FAAA, CCC-A/SLP
Doctor of Audiology
Board certified, American Board of Audiology
2000 Sproul Road, Suite 310
Broomall, PA 19008
610 353-6008
www.maxineyoungcent ral.com


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