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Looking at additional programmes for your child – EasyRead

Looking at additional programmes for your child – Easy Read.

Easyreadjpeg LDN JanHello there,

Gosh a post from me – I have to thank all my guest bloggers… I’m loving the fact I get regular content emailed to me… thank you and thanks for supporting Language Delay Network.  The more information we share the better.

I wanted to share with you a new programme I am working on with my son Luca.  He is ten years old and well, still struggling with his reading.

Given his Auditory Processing Issues he tries to store words into his memory and retrieve them.  This is really hard work and to be honest it will take him a very long time to store all the words!

Our school last year really persisted and it worked to help him decode and blend the words.  When he rushed or guessed the words he was told not to and over the period of the year he progressed and went up 4 reading levels but at the same time he still reads at Year 2 – he is starting Year 5 this year.

Reading, comprehension all this is the root of all learning.   His short term memory is poor so we have to learn how to read.  But how?  He learns visually?  Well hello EasyRead….

Check out the link ….

I love it for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost he’s engaged and we have had to stop and take five days of just decoding with him and practicing his blending, ie. breaking up the sounds in the words.  But he is very happy to get to the computer log on and participate.  First little milestone for any child who finds it stressful to read.  

Secondly, he is learning with the imagery to notice the sounds and how they ‘look’ in the word so the phonetic sounds are making sense with character symbols.  Difficult to explain explicitly but he can decode with the the images so using his visual strength but relate it to how it is written in English.  Brilliant!

Thirdly, he thinks he is a spy and it’s like the program is talking to you, encourage along the way which appears to feel like they are with you but also he has had little prizes posted to him and codewords he has to send.  He has loved that… it’s not a chore.  He feels encouraged and rewarded.  We are only at the beginning of the programme – so week 3 in and no I haven’t seen his reading soar – yet.  But it is looking promising.

So wanted to share this new information with you.  Check out the site…. if you wish.

They do have a referral program so it’s 10% off if you mention myself Sandra Ahlquist.

We started with a week’s trial initially to see if he engaged and liked it and then we committed.  But you can stop at anytime but at this rate I think it will be something we persevere with.  Worth doing I’d say.  It’s reasonably priced and you can pay in installments all of that.

You do need to be committed to doing the program daily, same time if poss, and be there support through it. It’s not a leave them at the computer to do it on their own.

Other than the Easy Read program over the holidays we will start a new school year Thursday 1st February – another year.

New teacher and all that.  So will keep you posted but I love my new school and they have thoroughly handed over last year, he has met his new teacher and they had a chat about his APD together.  We labelled school books yesterday and his bag is packed.

2012 will be a great year for Luca!  For us!  


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