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What is your book about? – What is the genre?

Well it’s not an action or drama but at times it’s felt like it.   It’s genre is Parenting : Special Needs – maybe – at a stretch Education.  It’s a biography – it’s our story.

Anyone who has worked with me or known me over the last seven or so years – knows about the frustrations, worry, anxiety, excitement, pride and relief as I journey with my son Luca through his school years.   My ten year old who is special – special needs – he has a language disorder and auditory processing disorder, but he is a smart intelligent your boy who needs and wants to learn but because of his ability to understand and interpret language is very poor from what is heard and how his brain processes that information and stores it –  his key strength is his visual skills. 

He needs to learn  is visually and with lots of repetition to retain it . 

Why write it?

I decided to ‘share our story’ as I’m not alone – there are many children, approximate over 500,000 in Australia that are affected by a learning disability/communication disorder.  Yet funding and assistance is almost non-existent.  In fact other than small funding our school gets – we are on our own.  There isn’t much information or awareness specifically about language disorders and how to manage when you get to school.

I am joining the dots through my website Language Delay Network to gather and share that information.

The book actually takes you my personal journey and I share our strategies.   It’s real – it’s our story.  I hope to in the future offer more programs and coaching advice to parents.   You can do lots to advocate yourself and you don’t need to feel alone.   It is hard, tough but when you see the results from a great team, therapy and stress free happier kids it’s worth it.

Learning to be my son’s very best advocate has been the key.

Working collaboratively with school and specialists, teamwork – most important.  By being able to achieve this my son is happier, content, working hard and able to also achieve his best results.

I want to share that you can all do it!  Don’t wait of funding, money, time, the ‘right teacher’ work out the right formula for your family, your child and go for it!  WE did and there has been no turning back…  and we went through quite a bumpy ride at times.

I hope that when people read this if they feel inspired and talk more about learning disabilities .  There isn’t enough awareness around this invisible disability.

These children can learn – they just learn differently.   


What does your son think about this book?

He’s waiting at the library to autograph the copies for you  – his words.

CLICK HERE and Buy your copy now :)





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