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Kids Speech Matters is written by Sandra Ahlquist and tells her story of the journey with her son who has a severe language disorder and auditory processing disorder.

It takes you right back to the beginning and the milestones along the way.

The book works through the emotional journey of the medical results, early intervention, preschool years, specialist testing and the early primary school years. Where her son was found to have a learning disability and how they have navigated through the education system.

Sandra shares the insights gained, what strategies they have used, and the ups and downs during the primary school years.

The book has been written to empower parents/carers/teachers but also give them hope.  That they can take what they have read and be the very best advocate for their children and talk about their children’s learning disabilities.

Her sons early he was diagnosised with a severe language delay and both his expressive and receptive language skills where very poor for age appropriate testing. He had a standard IQ so the frustration for him not being able to express himself or understand complex language as he went through his school years led to severe anxiety.

He has come a long way and still works with his learning disability but as a family they have searched for alternative therapies plus the usual speech pathology and occupational therapy and he is a happy and confident boy. Not the anxious child he once was when the school environment was more than he could cope with. The right school is so important for your child. The right attitude is most important for you child.

Kids Speech Matters will explain how as a team with school, specialists and home support Sandra’s son Luca has reached great goals.  The most recent hosting at school assembly, speaking on the microphone, playing team sports, being a good friend and gaining great life skills in leadership.

This book most importantly is written also for parents who may be feeling daunted by the long road ahead or the unknown road and feel quite alone as it’s not a table discussion when out with friends and wondering that maybe only they feel like this.  Well you are not alone. This book will empower, give you hope and help you to embrace the challenges ahead  –  and you will see results 😉



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Reviews and Recommendations:


“Sandra is a parent expert on venturing through the education minefield in terms of identifying appropriate schooling (knowing what sort of programs to be looking for), adapting learning strategies for personal use and has a well rounded knowledge base of the roles of different professionals.

She knows what questions need to be asked when seeking services or schooling and the importance of linking services to form a team in supporting children.

Sandra’s initiation of the Language Delay Network is wonderful to help parents connect and learn about their children who experience language delays and disorders.” November 22, 2011

Liz Murray   Principal Speech Pathologist,
Communicate It Speech Pathology Services Pty Ltd    Australia


The journey since Luca’s birth has been an emotional one and Sandra writes about it in a straightforward way which engages and involves the reader easily.  Her aim is to empower other parents of children with a language delay to “be the best advocate … “ for them, and she includes plenty of practical information and tips alongside her own personal story, such as what to look for when choosing a school that will meet your child’s individual needs.

As Sandra says at the start of her book:

“Communication is the most complicated human behaviour, yet it is often taken for granted.”

By the end of the book, I had been given a real insight into one mother’s battle to ensure that her son can develop that behaviour, due to her belief that

“Every child deserves to be able to communicate and learn to the best of their ability.”

Sandra’s journey to support Luca’s learning continues; Luca is now 10 and due to change schools within the next couple of years.

Her aim to empower other parents and to share knowledge, experiences and resources has resulted in the creation of a website – , which she manages to maintain in her “spare time”!

Deborah Fielden,   Specialist Teacher
Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy Ltd & Smart Talkers Pre-School Groups UK


jagamoe’s Comments – Parent review from Bub Hub Parenting Website

jagamoe’s comments about Kids Speech Matters

6 out of 9 people found this review helpful

Summary: Kids speech matters


I took my time to read this ebook as I found it a bit lengthy was hard to schedule in reading time with the demands of my children.
As a mother of a child with a speech disorder I found it to be an interesting read and very easy to relate to what the author was saying. I found the links and resources particularly useful and reading this book has given me the courage I need to address my sons schooling issues with alot more confidence.
I would definitely recommend this book to any parent who has a child with a speech disorder.
Such an inspirational uplifting read!


Sandra Ahlquist has written a touching e-book about her and her son’s personal journey dealing with Severe Language Delay and Auditory Processing Disorder.  Reading her book is like having an intimate discussion with a good friend; she narrates the story of her son’s birth through his diagnosis of APD at the age of 10 and intersperses helpful advice she would give to any parent finding themselves in a similar situation.

Sandra’s motivation to write this book was to spread insight into communication delays in young children in the hope of bringing awareness to speech, language, and communication disorders.  With proper recognition, she hopes funding will be better provided to meet the needs of the many students struggling with language based learning disabilities in school.

She hopes no parent will have to struggle as hard as she has to get her son the proper diagnosis and assistance he has needed to be able to communicate and learn.  Like Sandra says, “Every child deserves to be able to communicate and learn to the best of their ability.”

Beverly Prince-Sayward,    Parent       USA 
reelance writer and homeschooling mother to her daughter Hailey and her two sons Quentin and Jared.  Hailey has Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Sensory Processing Disorder, and mild Visual Processing Disorder. USA



I’m a mum with a 10 year old daughter who has Auditory Processing Disorder, I enjoyed reading Sandra’s book, it was at times like looking into a mirror, its interesting to read it from someone else’s point of view and to realise we are not alone, that others have gone through similar struggles especially with the education system.
I wish Sandra all the best with her book, she has bought great insight and understanding to those of us living with invisible disabilities every day.
Nancy Outten – Parent Australia
Kids Speech Matters” is a story of a loving and tenacious mom who has journeyed alongside her son through all of the trials and triumphs that come with having a learning disability.      Sandra gives parents hope, guidance, and encouragement to keep them focused through their own journey. This tale of love, persistence, and understanding is a beautiful one and quite a tribute to her very special son.
Kim Smith-Rowe
Speech-Language Pathologist – USA


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