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Kids Speech Matters – Latest Review – Helpful advice from a Mum who knows:)


When I find spare time (?) I want to share so much with so many who ask the questions, doubt, feel anxious, worried, need help advocating and just feel at the ‘end of their tether’ …. I know these feelings as I am a Mum who has been there but not anymore.

I wrote my book Kids Speech Matters to share my journey and to share that there is so much that lies ahead but they can learn, they do learn, they can feel ‘less anxious’ and that APD, language delays / disorders  is a way of life for them but there are many strategies that YOU as a parent and the ‘right’ team of specialists including teachers can help them with and support them to have very happy and well rounded lives :)

Please read my latest review and if you haven’t bought the book… check it out today!



Kids Speech Matters, written by Sandra Ahlquist, is an inspirational account of one mother’s journey of discovery as she strives to understand, acknowledge, accept and support her son Luca’s learning disability, an Auditory Processing Disorder (APD).

Luca was born in 2001 and it became apparent within the first few years of his life that he had a severe language disorder of some kind.  The book documents each stage of his life, from birth onwards, describing the difficulties that Luca had in communicating with others and the never-ending round of tests, assessments, therapies and interventions from professionals that have become a part of life for him and his family.  It is a thoroughly absorbing read – I read it from start to finish in one sitting – and what shines through is both Sandra’s belief in her son and his capabilities, and her determination to discover the exact nature of his communication disorder and to do whatever it takes to ensure that he receives –and continues to receive – the best environment and support to achieve his full potential.

Sandra and her family live in Australia and her book describes the education system and range of professionals and programmes available to support herself and Luca that are found there.  However, themes such as the difficulties involved in effective multi-agency working, the mind-boggling array of assessments, tests and jargon used by different professionals, and the frustrations caused when bureaucracy and red tape win over common sense and a real focus on supporting an individual child’s needs effectively, cross all country boundaries, and I could readily identify with all her anxieties and emotions as she battled to find a diagnosis and access support for her son’s APD.

The journey since Luca’s birth has been an emotional one and Sandra writes about it in a straightforward way which engages and involves the reader easily.  Her aim is to empower other parents of children with a language delay to “be the best advocate … “ for them, and she includes plenty of practical information and tips alongside her own personal story, such as what to look for when choosing a school that will meet your child’s individual needs.

As Sandra says at the start of her book:

“Communication is the most complicated human behaviour, yet it is often taken for granted.”

By the end of the book, I had been given a real insight into one mother’s battle to ensure that her son can develop that behaviour, due to her belief that

“Every child deserves to be able to communicate and learn to the
best of their ability.”

Sandra’s journey to support Luca’s learning continues; Luca is now 10 and due to change schools within the next couple of years.

Her aim to empower other parents and to share knowledge, experiences and resources has resulted in the creation of a website – www.languagedelaynetwork.com , which she manages to maintain in her “spare time”!

You will find this e-book on that site www.kidsspeechmatters.com  together with a whole array of useful resources, reading materials and links – well worth a visit!

Deborah Fielden,
Specialist Teacher
Small Talk Speech & Language Therapy Ltd & Smart Talkers Pre-School Groups



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