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Him dealing with it! His APD and Severe Language Delay.

My son’s quote of the week – him dealing with it!  His APD and Severe Language Delay.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy son receives his long awaited book week order at school – Diary of a Wimpy Kids Roderick Rules.  Typical 10 year old boy book but grown up for my son who is really embracing books and authors this year and his interest in wanting and trying read has escalated.  This book has words and some pics but not a reader or non-fiction.  A junior fiction book – whoo hoo!

When he gets the book in class his friend in class says to my son with another boy in class looking over – HE can’t read – he’s just looking at the pictures!   When my son tells me this in the car driving home from school my heart stops . . .  he’s goes on to tell me…  I just said for god sakes Jeremy – that is so RUDE – don’t say that!

And what did Jeremy do?  He didn’t do anything Mum.  He is so stupid.   I asked him – so you’re not worried about that – and he responds No – like am I meant to be?   So I very quickly go yeah – he is stupid, good comeback Jimbo – you shouldn’t say for ‘god’s sake’ but you were a little bit angry.  And with that the radio goes on and he drifts off into the next song  ….

Coping strategies for self esteem I can’t tell you how important they.  As equally as the speech pathology the learning to spell, do maths and read.

I’m very happy to see a very different boy this year to the over anxious and definitely feeling overloaded by ‘not understanding’.  He knows he is a little slower, that it doesn’t come easy to him, but hell is he going to give it a try and he is trying and he is learning and he is ‘reading’ incredibly well this year.  And accommodated and embraced by a teacher and school that nurture that extremely well.

  • Names have been changed in this story.



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