I am constantly finding new sites to explore so I thought I would post them here with the links so you can all check them out when you have time.   Best part of it is most of these resources are FREE!

Hearing Impairment

Better Hearing Australia    Tel: 03 6510 1577

Australian Hearing

Deafness Resources Australia Ph: 1800 555 201
Distributes deafness-related books, videos, CD0ROMS and other information to anyone with an interst in deafness Australia-wide.

Connect Hearing:  Ph: 1300 656 858



Language Delay  learn more about communication disorders   –   web site on learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and other professionals  – American Speech -Language Hearing Association

Speech Pathology Australia – Fact Sheets


Auditory Processing Disorder
Auditory processing disorders in children  –

Learning and Education Resources – 10% off if you mention my name: Sandra Ahlquist
FREE Trial Session OR check it out for yourself :)   Easy Read Website and examples of how it works

resources for children with learning difficulties for at school and in the classroom – resource for learning disabilities and ADHD – helping to read – Brain Games – Spelling games that they can see and hear on the computer!


Helping children With Dyslexia
A new book with 21 super strategies to ensure your child’s success at school and a web site full of free resources for parents to be able to help their children with dyslexia.

Through the Maze:

Practical guide written by Association of Children with a disability with links and information (Australian edition.


Websites App’s for Kids – to look at reviews of apps which are educational or useful for kids with special needs
(the website is an acronym for apps 4 children wth special needs).

Teaching Articles:

Brainy  teaching  Neuroscience is helping students learn to read

Teacher magazine June-July 2010

Brain research and it’s implications for teaching

Teacher magazine June-July 2010