Advocating for your child at school


Positive Education planning for your child

Late last year I started to explore for more options/alternatives where my son was concerned.   I’d like to share this information with you as some or all of my experiences and contacts I found as I searched through Google and followed up through endless conversations or phone calls may be of help.

Association for Children with a Disability

A great resource for you is your local support officer with Association for Children with a Disability (ACD). Admittedly I wasn’t really in the frame of mind – my child had a disability or that language delay could appear in this categorised as a disability but it is.  They will also be very helpful with giving you an ear when you need one.

On this quest there is a book that I feel is a must read for parents who have children with language delay, speech delays, learning difficulties and auditory processing disorders.

The Positive Education Planning Guide

Very exciting to see that the government is supporting this area but it’s a heavy read i.e. you have to refer to the glossary now and again.  If you preserve it did answer a lot of questions when I needed to know what I was entitled to and what some of the jargon meant.

There are parent stories and some practical advice for getting yourself prepared for Parent Support Groups (PSG’s).   Some schools just don’t tell you this, or aren’t ensuring you get what you are entitled to so it’s good to be informed.  Speech therapists can get busy as I know my Speechie or the School Speechie informed us along the way.

Association for Children with a Disability can provide phone support to you.  But I found they aren’t in a position to recommend a school.  All they said was if your school doesn’t embrace your child it can be an uphill battle.

So it’s best to advocate yourself for your child OR get them to help you.  The booklet is there to help you.

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