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Does my child have autism?

Does my child have autism?

Does it matter?   I needed to know if his language delay was something else?      With this question I spent years wondering what is wrong is there something the specialists are missing?   The autism question always hung over my head – I was scared of it but also unclear about what it meant.  I knew something else is going on here?
My son has a severe language delay / auditory processing disorder but he has some very strange behaviour that we always just said that’s him – that’s just the way he is.  What I thought was just a hearing problem that would be rectified with grommets was so much more.

After his grommets

Once they were inserted my understanding was he would just catch up – and in some instances this probably is true but my son had so many other things going on we just hadn’t joined the dots on them.
Admittedly an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist gave me this information which I believed to be the truth and it was possible.  All I needed was a good speech therapist to assist us and he would catch up.  Hmmmmm I wish it was so simple.
We did persist with speech but it was clear, even with his glue ear symptoms relieved and 100% hearing, he still couldn’t process language well at all, there was something else going on.  He could hear but his brain didn’t process what he heard, and then recall it very well at all.
Both his receptive and expressive language skills were very poor.   With the help of physiologist, occupational therapy and paediatrician assessments they supported his diagnosis of it being a severe language disorder / delay and not autism.

We do believe he sits in a very grey area of the spectrum, especially around a Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) but he doesn’t display all the traits of an autistic child.
Speech can cost a lot of money, and we really didn’t have it last year at all with the GFC, but Medicare did assist and the working with children with autism federal government initiative, does help with most of the payments.

Get good professional advice
Ask your Paediatrician if you are not aware of this and gain a referral to this programme.  (Upcoming article on funding to be posted in the coming weeks and what you are entitled for more information) .
Yes it costs money, and they all come with hefty fees but without these reports and assessments I’d still have a lot of my questions unanswered.
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