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APD has no cure – but it CAN be managed!

APD has no cure – but it CAN be managed!
Something I would like to reference from a Newsletter (July 2007) on the APD UK site.This is exactly how I feel when I speak about my son and advocate for his needs constantly and WHY I do it.I know my expectation as a parent of a child with APD and a severe language disorder is he may have one and no he may not be able to cope with the year level curriculum set for the ‘average’ child, but with some accommodations he can still learn – it just needs to be more visulised, repeated, worked through differently.  Then he has a chance that he can do it!That is my expectation that his school and sports coaches etc know his ability and adapt where needed and accommodate where needed to ensure he does understand and he does ‘get it’.

The situation this year at school meant that when he didn’t get the help he needed and he felt ‘out of his depth’ in maths – his self esteem plummeted but more than that his stress levels escalated.   This was an environment I wasn’t prepared for him to have to put up with.

Once it was flagged the situation has eased immensely but the point is – everyone needs to THINK about what needs to change or be adapted for child with a language delay to be able to learn.

I hope it resonates with you all as well.



Kids Speech Matters!

Article from APDUK

APDUK have received disturbing recent correspondence about professionals refusing to refer people for APD testing because “nothing will be done” or “there is no cure”.  My reply to them is that APD may not be cured, but like asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc, it  CAN be managed.

Those with APD: NEED to know they have APD NEED validation NEED support NEED valuable accommodations at school/home/work NEED therapy where applicable NEED assistive technology, where applicable NEED to learn to live with APD That is their RIGHT and nobody can take that  away.

*This article referenced from Newsletter dated July 2007 APDUK

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