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Kids and Me Sept 13In March 2010 I decided that I had to do something about the lack of resources on the topic of Language Delay in Children.

It has been my goal to provide an informative and very much needed website that will consist of quality and up to date information that I have found on my journey (and it’s been a bit of a lonely one).

This is a social place/network to share your experiences, seek advice and find information … that is why have I decided to start this Language Delay Network…..

I am a Mum of an 12 year old boy who has a Severe Language Delay, Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Processing Disorder.

My son was never formally diagnosed with a delay until around 4 years of age.  I knew, it seemed quite obvious that something wasn’t right.  He didn’t reach those ‘normal’ speech milestones that toddlers do, but my GP kept telling me he’s a boy, boys are slower to develop than girls etc so we just progressed. In fact he really didn’t have any language skills at all – just babble.

There was something more to it – call it mothers intuition but I knew there was a problem – and that’s where my journey began and I’m still on that journey.

Seeking and finding out information for him, for me, watching and supporting his development, meeting new people, finding speech pathologists and other dedicated specialists that assist and support, answer the questions and guide us.  One of my most difficult hurdles has been navigating and advocating for my son through the education system.

As I work with my son and the great number of specialists along the way it occurred to me – why isn’t there just a place I can meet other parents, on a more social level, share information, emotions and frustrations?

It can feel very lonely at times as parents of other kids without delays just don’t understand – well they do but not really.  I always say he can see the ‘movie in his mind’ he can see what he wants to say but the words just don’t appear or come out jumbled.  How frustrating.

Of course I am a regular mum in this crazy 21st century, I work, raise kids, am a wife , sister, friend, daughter and well life is and can be hectic.  This is where my idea for Language Delay Network formed.

An online network – which we can access at our leisure but feel connected blog and comment if you want to, find out more about language and speech information, get the most up to date info, find resources, seek specialists and information to find your way through the education years.

I hope you will join, whether you are a parent, guardian, student studying in Speech and Language delay and/or difficulties in children, you maybe an interested teacher or you just don’t know enough about this language speech disorder / developmental delay – book mark this page now and visit more often.

The development of our Language Delay Network!

Not so lonely days or frustrations – share, seek and find out more.

Let’s support each other and the ‘not spoken about, not visible and very misunderstood’ language disorder.

It will create more understanding and awareness for speech and language delay in children.  In turn this will mean more people will understand our kids.

Kids speech matters!

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My journey  – with my son
From birth to ten years.
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