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A Family Centred Approach to Speech Therapy

A Family Centred Approach to Speech Therapy

A little cute child with colors on whiteA Family Centered Approach to speech and language therapy is where the parents are the may agent of therapy.   This approach is important as it will promote generalization and also teach other skills, for example social skills.

Direct Speech and Language Pathology is only part of your overall plan to improve your child’s communication skills.

The role of your speech and language pathologist is to determine your child’s language level and to teach your strategies and ideas on how to teach your child.  With a family centered approach the parents – that is you – are the most important therapist in your child’s life.    It is your speech and language pathologists role to teach you to become “The Therapist”.

Becoming “The Therapist”.

This is often not as easy as it appears. As a parent there is often so much going on in your day remembering to teach language may slip your mind. Below are some tips on how to become “The Therapist”.

1. Do not try and be the therapist all day everyday. You will be so overwhelmed.
2. Plan a few activities that are part of your routine to teach the specific language goal. For example meal times, driving in the car, bath time.

3. Ask your speech and language pathologist how to teach the goals in everyday activities. Pick the experts brains.

4. Kids Language Resources provide you with both the structured therapy techniques and ideas on how to teach in the everyday environment.

5. Most of all HAVE FUN.

This article was written for Language Delay Network by: Linda Hurst:

Thanks Linda for your ongoing support.

Linda Hurst
Speech Pathologist
NSW Private Practice Members Network Leader


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